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About Us

Choosing a trading software is a serious process. To make things easier for you, we’ve outlined below the benefits you enjoy when you become a B.O.S trader.


About Us

Our Company

Introducing the solution to the daily challenges of trading and finance, Billion Operating System (B.O.S.).  B.O.S. is our flagship Automated Trading Software.  It is the perfect solution for day traders, professional traders, novices, and entrepreneurs.  We took existing, complex tools, and simplified the interface, resulting in a tool that transforms all of that complexity into a very user-friendly format.




In a world filled with investment and trading tools, Billion provides an alternative with ease of use and unique profit-making power. EVERYONE can trade and benefit in the seamless and unmediated B.O.S. environment.


Billion trading software is at the forefront of technological innovation, and includes advanced platforms, analytical charts, smart portfolio reports, and news around the clock. Have immediate, powerful, and intelligent information whenever you want it.


Our vision is to maintain a financial environment that is at the forefront of technological innovation: advanced platforms, analytical charts, smart portfolio reports and news around the clock. We’ve embedded all these tools into our trading platform in order for you to keep your finger on the pulse of the market - at all times.



Billion Operating System is for everyone. What drives us is the belief that you are entitled to full control over your portfolio. We do our very best to empower and educate all traders, no matter their level of expertise. As a B.O.S Trader, you get access to our extensive education center today.


Billion succeeds only when our customers succeed. We do business in an open,

direct and sustainable way. When traders have challenges, Billion is a trusted,

responsive partner that puts user experience and user success first.

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