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Advanced Order Functionality

Unleash the power of seamless trading with Drag-n-Drop order placement with user customizable OCO & OTO orders buttons. Prepare for every market scenario with preset multileg option strategies. All these features designed for single click execution!


Proprietary Indicators and Auto-Trading

Experience the thrill of trading with our award-winning Bulls 'n Bears system, or command the markets effortlessly with our innovative Autopilot auto-trading system. Shape your personal trading strategy and watch it come to life, all with no programming required.

No Credit Card Needed

Award Winning Futures Trading Platform

Trade Futures, Options and Commodity Spreads with Ease

Why Trade Futures?

       Access a variety of trading advantages and diversify your portfolio with Futures.

  • No “Pattern-Day-Trading” rules; trade as much and as often as you need.

  • Increased tiered leverage; start small, leverage up with experience.

  • No short sale restrictions, fees, interest, or hard-to-borrow availability concerns.

  • No $25,000 minimum account balance requirements to day trade, like in stocks.

  • Open your account with as little as $5,000 to start trading.

  • Futures are traded primarily out of Chicago, while stocks are traded primarily out of New York.

Advanced Technical Analysis Chart Markup Tools


Empower Your Trading with Advanced Technical Analysis

Experience Precision

Fibonacci & Elliott Wave Integration

  • Unleash the potential of Fibonacci with advanced tools including Time Zones, Fans Arcs, Extensions, and Retracements.

  • Decipher the market's language by identifying crucial Elliot Wave patterns, both manually and automatically.

  • Measure the heartbeat of the market with dynamic Gann Fans and Andrews Pitchfork.

  • Elevate your trading skills with our educational videos, crafted to help you master these powerful analytical tools.

  • Dive into technical analysis, where advanced trading strategies meet user-friendly technology. Experience Billion OS – your ultimate guide to smarter trading.

Designed for the Visual Investor

Experience the Pulse of the Market

Real-Time Live Streaming Data.

  • Standard and Customizable Time Frames (1min, 5min, 10min, daily, weekly, monthly etc.)

  • Customizable Range Bar (each bar moves certain number of tics before new bar is generated)

  • Real-time Monthly and Weekly Options Data

  • Commodity Spreads Trading Capabilities

  • On-Chart Drag 'n Drop Order Placement

  • Live DOM (Depth of Market) Trading

  • Fast Order Execution Buttons

  • Market Entry, Exit, And OCO (One Cancels Other) Orders With A Single Mouse Click

  • Simple Charts, Yet Powerful Graphical User Interface


Get A Look Before You Buy It

No Credit Card Needed


Customizable Automation Ready Systems and Indicators

User-Definable Buy/Sell Systems and Indicators

Master Your Trades With Dozens Of Customizable Buy/Sell Indicators

  • Experience the freedom of personalized trading with our userdefinable up and down arrows - clear signals that indicate when to buy and when to sell. It's trading, simplified.

  • Tailor Your Trading Toolbox. With our Billion OS, you're in command. Easily customize the settings for all your favorite indicators. Fine-tune your trading strategies to suit your style, and optimize your results.

  • Navigate the world of trading with confidence, by harnessing the power of Billion OS to elevate your trading.

Revolutionary Drag ‘n Drop Live Options Trading

Options made simple; see why traders prefer options trading over stocks

Immerse Yourself In The Thrilling World Of Options Trading Today!

  • Efficient Order Placement. Minimize clicks and maximize trading efficiency with our intuitive drag 'n drop order placement system.

  • Precision at Its Best. Our platform utilizes the renowned Black & Scholes Valuation Model for calculating Theoretical Value, ensuring top-tier precision in options pricing.

  • Simple or Complex, It's Your Call. Execute single-leg or multileg options with just a click. Define your trading parameters, and let Billion OS execute your strategies.

  • Personalize Your Trading. Craft your unique trading strategies with our custom multi-leg templates and unique Option Builder. Create your rules, and carve your path in the trading world. Stay Informed, Stay Ahead.

  • Get an edge over the competition with our real-time streaming options data. Informed decision-making has never been easier or more efficient.


Now Trade Live Contract Spreads

Dive into the world of spread trading

Make The Most Of A Wide Breadth Of Trading Strategies.

  • Calendar Spreads at Your Fingertips. Unleash your potential with Intra-Market trading. Take advantage of price discrepancies within the same market, with our calendar spreads.

  • Expand Your Horizon with Inter-Market Spreads. Take your trading to a new level by exploiting price differentials between related commodities. With Billion OS, you're not just limited to one market.

  • Experience Seamless Onscreen Drag 'n Drop Execution of All Order Types, Including OCO & OTO: Capture Every Market Opportunity

Without Question, Billion OS is the most feature rich Trading Software on the market.  For chartists, it is a


- Michael Gibbons*  
Timer Digest's TIMER OF THE YEAR
2002, 2007, 2008, & 2010

The Billion OS Difference


Save all your Analysis from Day-

Save Your Charts and Drawn Analysis to Keep Your Progress. No More Starting Over Everyday with Online or Java Charts


Automated Futures Trading

Use Your Favorite Indicators to Build Your Own Customizable Strategy Using the Autopilot Plug-in for BillionOS LIVE

Dollar Analysis.png

Risk/Reward & Tick (Dollar) Calculators

Calculate Potential Risk and Reward. Manage
Your Risk Assessment for any Trade. Always
Know what a Move in the Software is Worth.


Customize the Software for your Needs

Every Indicator is Completely Customizable.
Personalize Your Charts with Colors, Lines,
Styles, Indicator Formulas, and Much More..


Place Orders Directly Through Billion OS

Drag 'n Drop, One Click Trading. Place LIVE
Orders Directly Through Billion OS.



WIth a Wide Variety of How-To Support Videos
and Online Manual Quickly Find Answers to Your
Questiions. Or Call Our Support Staff Located in
the USA.

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