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Leverage insights

to see a trade from every angle.

Advanced trading tools

to get the most from your trading.
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Backtest, Point-and-Click Strategy Building and Auto-Trading Capabilities, Simulate, and Trade Your Own Strategies...Automatically

Automatically Execute Your Own Trading Strategy!

Backtest Your Trading Strategies

Start Trading With Just One Click Of a Mouse

Point-and-click strategy building (No Programming Required)

Auto-Calculate New Results Each Time You Make the Smallest Change

Quick Calculation (Q-Calc) Buttons Help Optimize And Find The Most Profitable Setting

Spend time outside doing the things you love, as Autopilot executes your customized trading strategy

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Back Test Your Strategy To Make Sure It's As Robust As It Can Be Using Historical Data 

  • Make Adjustments and Fine Tune your Strategy On-The-Fly and Instantly View Results

  • Then Run Your Strategy In a Live Simulated Account To See How It Performs going forward

​Every single historical trade is listed so you can adjust your strategy as necessary

Let Autopilot Make Trades For You and Send You Electronic Notifications


  • Custom Build and Test Strategies Using One or More Indicators

  • Use Advantage Lines As Your Main Trading System, and Use Bulls 'n Bears As A Conditional or Many Other Combinations

  • Each Indicator is Customizable Allowing For a Wide Variety of Different Trading Strategy Combinations

  • Customizable entry and exit points include:

  • Stop/Limit orders

  • Days of the week/Time of Day

  • Trailing stops

  • Jump stops

  • And Many More!

System Requirements


Designed for speed and ease of use, Billion Operating System's depth of market (DOM) module allows traders to quickly analyze price information in the exchange’s limit order book, place orders rapidly, and managing positions easily. The DOM gives traders an essential view of the market and power to trade their strategies with precision, including:

  • One-click order entry
  • One-cancels-other (OCO) bracket orders, including setting brackets by ticks, price

  • Volume histogram

  • Sweep limit order option

  • Link to quotes

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Billion Operating System's modern-design quotes allow traders to see clearly what is happening in the market, rapidly analyze the data, and act swiftly. The quote board includes:



  • Customized quote lists that sync across desktop, web, and mobile

  • Easy symbol search using contract symbol, name, and exchange

  • Customized data view to see market information just the way you want

  • Detailed quote info to quickly see margins, trading hours, contract specifications, and more

  • Easy contract month roll forward and backward

  • Easily trade, set alerts, and more directly from the quote board

Traders can easily create charts that can be accessed from any device and customized to preference using a host of styles, timeframes, and technical indicators, including:



  • Trading directly from the charts

  • Visualizing orders, positions, and session high and low marks

  • Tick, minute, hour, daily, volume, range, and custom timeframes

  • 40+ technical indicators

  • Custom templates, popular chart types, drawing tools, and more

  • Advanced charting tools, including volume profile with user-defined custom profiling and volume labels and bid-ask chart types for viewing inside each candle to see how much volume traded at the bid price and ask price for each price level

Test Billion Operating System tools, new trading ideas, and trading in new markets so you are comfortable before putting actual capital at risk.


Billion Operating System's demo account let’s you trade with real-time market data in a risk-free simulated environment and increase or decrease the account balance to tailor the amount specifically to you. You can easily switch between live and demo accounts without the hassle of having to login and logout.


Billion Operating System provides advanced trade management to automatically manage orders and create custom exit strategies, including:

  • One-cancels-other (OCO) bracket orders to simultaneously place profit target and protective stop orders

  • One-sends-other (OSO) orders to automatically send a single order or OCO order when the first order is filled

  • Trailing stop and trailing stop-limit orders to automatically tighten when the market moves favorably for your position

  • Good-til-date (GTD) order flags to specify the exact time to release or cancel an order

Billion Operating System's cloud-based platform holds all orders either securely at the exchange or server-side, never on your device. Trade confidently knowing that a computer crash or internet disruption will not cause your exit orders or strategies to fail.


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